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Chicago Stainless Sanitary, pharmaceutical and homogenizer pressure gauges
Conveyors Flex wall, gravity roller, slider bed, live roller, chain driver, vibratory, sanitary and special fabrications
Filtration Systems for food, pharmaceutical, industrial coolants, oil, and waste treatment. Filter press, pressure filter, micro or ultra filtration and membrane systems, filter bags, cartridges, media, elements and housings
Hellan Strainers Automatic & manual in-line strainers, 2" to 20" line size, flow rates from 10 to 20,000 GPM. From 1/4" mesh to .0006" (15u). Available in cast iron, cast steel, bronze and stainless
Industrial Ovens Small lab ovens & furnaces, large processing, furnaces and conveyor ovens, vacuum furnaces, clean room/pharmaceutical ovens, burn-off ovens and custom process equipment
JVI Vibratory pan feeders, sand reclaim systems; shake out tables, vibratory screens, spiral conveyers, and foundry equipment
Liquid Powder Mixing Systems High viscosity paste mixers, complete slurry mixing systems, batch, in-line and continuous steady state. Vacuum transfer systems, bulk bag load and unload systems, and air cone hoppers
Material Handling Lift tables, tilt tables, dumpers, totes, and storage containers.
Merrick Industries Gravimetric weigh belt & loss-in-weight feeders, belt scales, solids flow meters, super bridge system control technology
Minox Elcan Precision screening and slurry filtration equipment
Misc. Pumps ANSI process, mag-drive, drum, progressive cavity, centrifugal & positive displacement
Patterson-Kelly Powder blenders (continuous or batch), solids/solids & liquids/solids blending and agglomeration, complete solids processors & dryers, lab blenders, solids flow valves, complete lab & technical services available
Randolph Austin Peristaltic pumps & tubing
Sine Pump Sanitary positive displacement pumps for high viscosity & shear sensitive liquids or slurries, emulsions, and particulate laden materials
Transfer Bulk Systems Total bulk material handling components and pneumatic transfer systems, storage silos, bag dump stations, blowers, receiver filters, bin activators, screens/classifiers, volumetric feeders, dust collection systems& diverter valves


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